Edson de Cuba

Cuban Salsa Teacher

was born in Cuba and graduated from the highly regarded Escuela Nacional de Arte in Dance in 2005. Since 2011 he's been residing in Chicago, dancing and performing with multiple companies like Hedwig dances, Concert dance, Khecari, and working with different choreographers and artists.

Ami Tsai

Salsa & Bachata Teacher

Chicago-based Latin dance instructor,

performer, and choreographer. Speaks French, Chinese & Spanish. Specializing in salsa, mambo, bachata, and ladies styling. Director of Bravissima Dance Company. As been a staple Teacher for 4 Fantastic Events for the past 5yrs.

Ken Amoreo

Kizomba teacher

Teaching steppin’ in Chicago for

over 10 years. He is best known for his unique style which has earned him place as a true artist of the craft. Founder of Black Diamond, the Elite Steppers Society. Teaching and promoting this beautiful Angolan dance as a member of Kizomba Chicago and the Kizomba Nerdz.

Del Dominguez

Salsa on2 teacher

Del is passionate about figuring things out and refining them to the best of his ability. This goes with his dancing, his art and his teaching. Known as a refined dancer and meticulous instructor, el’s mission is to make MMA the go-to destination for higher learning in social Latin dance.

Danny & Adriana

Kizomba Teachers

After 3 years of studying and learning under many great instructors, Adriana and Danny bring you a progressive kizomba & Urbankiz Bilingual (Spanish/English) learning experience

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