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Our Story

this is who we are

4 Fantastic Events, or 4 Fantasticos as we are known in the Latin community, is a multilevel event marketing company that was founded by Angelo Prieto (C.E.O./President) and has served the greater Chicagoland area since 1998. Our company's focus is to bring the best quality events and concerts to our guests each and every month. Our expertise and background in not only the Latin music industry but also the general music market is by far unprecedented.

Our Mission

this is what we do

Our reach on the web is something that we are proud of. We have over 56,000 email addresses of which 40,000 impacts the Chicagoland area. We have relaunched our new website and have been given high praises for our new look and design. We average over 9,000 hits a day and we expect this number to double by years end. Besides the web, we have our 37 street team members hitting the streets promoting our events and our sponsors / partner's products and services each and every week.

Our DJ's

Their range in styles goes beyond just Latin music and the demand for them to perform at other establishments is duly noted. As of today we have 13 DJs and they are the best in what they do!

Our Club

Events over the years have featured some of the best in town including our famous Salsa Tuesday, Soiree Wednesday & Live Salsa Saturdays. We average over 2,000 guests each and every week and expect this number to grow as we bring Chicago more events and concerts in the near future.

We pride ourselves in being a company that pays attention to all of the particulas of running a business. Angleo Prieto, our C.E.O. and President stated, "...in order for us to succeed as a company we need to make sure we pay attention to detail. We need to listen to what our employees and guests have to say, put forth the best marketing campaigns in order to maximize the best results, make our sponsors and partners equal participants in everything that we do and bring them and our venues the revenues they deserve".


1. Mailing List Subscribers: 74,408
2. Facebook Group Subscribers: 15,118
3. Youtube Channel Views: 137,876
4. Google Views: 150,592